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ShopnGive Solution Questions

What is ShopnGive?

ShopnGive is an end-to-end retail solution for store owners to build long lasting relationship with their customers through multiple touch points from the moment they walk into the store to the register and after the sale.

Is ShopnGive only for food and dining businesses?

No, if your business has retail customers, then we can help. To find out whether your unique business can leverage ShopnGive, please drop us a note at info@shopngive.com.

How much does ShopnGive program cost?

Please check out our pricing here.

How does it work?

Step 1. Setup your loyalty program on our site, for example, get one free coffee with 10 purchases.
Step 2. Your store is instantly visible in our community and all the customers visiting you know that you are now a premier member of ShopnGive.
Step 3. Customers visit your store and check out with their ShopnGive app.
Step 4. You can now ‘stamp’ your customers for the purchases and also gain valuable insights of your business.
At last, you can interact and reward your customers for coming back to buy more from you.

What are the different loyalty programs ShopnGive offers?

There are two ways we help our customers. With our business loyalty package, you can instantly create your loyalty program on our scalable and dependable SaaS (software as a service on the cloud) - no more printing cards, stamping them, and not able to know anything about those loyalty card holders. We also offer a state of the art end-to-end solution that will not only allow you to reward your loyal customers, you can sell your own gift cards and take payments via ShopnGive. All the customers coming into your stores can instantly pay you with their virtual wallet. This is something that used to be accessible by the big deep pocketed companies. It is not just one click away for you!

What kind of businesses use ShopnGive's Digital Loyalty program?

We have businesses from all sorts both domestic and international. Any retail business that wants to reward their customers and attract new ones that are ready to buy, ShopnGive will instantly give you that capability without setting your IT or sales departments!

What are the benefits of replacing paper punch cards with ShopnGive?

With ShopnGive, you have unlimited cards and you have the business insights into these metrics:

  • How many customers actually visit you repeatedly.
  • How often they visit you.
  • When your customers like to visit you.
  • How much they typically spend.

In addition, your traditional paper punch cards cannot do the followings:

  • Market any promotion or specials to the users while they are in your store.
  • Sell gift cards virtually without costing an arm and a leg.
  • Welcome customers who already have pre-paid accounts with you.
  • Allow the customers to pay you via their ShopnGive app (bye bye, costly and old register!)

Can your service integrate with my plastic gift cards?

ShopnGive is designed to power your business with little or low cost in selling your virtual gift cards, therefore, it does not work with traditional plastic cards which require printing, embedding unique values for each card, and a costly point of sale (POS) system to support them. We encourage merchants to gradually phase out their expensive plastic gift cards and switch customers to the virtual gift cards. From a customer perspective, a card inside their phone is way better than fumbling their wallets to see if they have brought their gift cards in making purchase decision at or near your store.

Merchant Center & Dashboard

Can I change my loyalty program requirements and reward at any time?

Yes, you can just log into your ShopnGive account and modify your existing reward programs or creating new ones at any time.

Can a Merchant allow a punch per minimum spend amount? (Ex. Receive a punch for every $5 spent)

Yes, ShopnGive is very flexible and can be tailored to your needs. You can always contact us and we will glad to help you as well.

What happens if my QR Tag is lost or damaged?

You can regenerate a new one online by logging into our merchant website.

Can a customer get a punch without buying anything?

It really depends on your program. ShopnGive is designed to help you to build loyal customers, so how you want to reward your customers it is totally up to you.

How does a merchant login to their dashboard?

You can login to your dashboard by going to ShopnGive Merchant Center

What data can the Merchant change on the merchant center?

After you login to your merchant center, you can update your store information and manage reward programs.

Since the customers are signing up as a loyal customer to the merchant, will I be able to access the customer information?

For privacy reason, all customers are identifiable only by their unique IDs.

How do I create my business profile page for the ShopnGive app?

You can login to your setting by going to ShopnGive Merchant Center, login and then click ‘Settings’.

Once a change is made in the system, how long does it take to go live on our app?

ShopnGive is a state of the art solution and most changes are updated instantly.